Dairy & Sugar free Strawberry & lemon balm ice cream

strawberry icecream

Here’s my really easy, quick and healthy strawberry and lemon balm ice cream! Basil is fantastic with it too. It’s a massive hit with teething babies and toddlers too!

Lilly x

Strawberry & Lemon balm ice cream

Serves 6

4 bananas, sliced & frozen

8-10 strawberries, hulled & halved

A drizzle of honey or Highbank orchard syrup

8 lemon balm leaves, torn


The night before you want to make the ice cream, slice the bananas and freeze them.

The next day place in the food processor with the rest of the ingredients. Sweeten to taste, it’ll already be very sweet. Blitz till smooth and place in a resealable tub and freeze for a further hour or so.

When ready to serve scoop into a bowl or cones and serve immediately.

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