Two Wooden Horses Chopping Boards


So as you probably already know I’m a big fan of wooden chopping boards. I find them the nicest thing ever to use as well as being more hygienic than plastic boards. I have a good few Ambri boards that I use for serving and chopping. I even keep a little one just for garlic. A few weeks ago I was given a beautiful handcrafted artisan chopping board from Two Wooden Horses that’s more like a piece of art than a kitchen utensil. Terry also engraves them with messages which is so lovely for a birthday or wedding.


I’ve been using it lots though and I love it, it’s so well crafted, it really adds to my collection. Once I brought it home I realised why it looked so familiar as the shape is really like my Gran Aunt’s old butter paddles! You can’t beat functional design!

Lilly x


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