The Homemade Year is out!

I’m so thrilled that my 3rd book, The Homemade Year, is finally in all good bookshops! Its 300 pages jam packed with creative inspiration to guide you joyfully through the year with over 70 projects.

You won’t find a pipe cleaner in this book! With a basic arsenal of sticky tape, paper, glue spots, and twine, you can create magic. Egg boxes, twigs, and old clothes can all be transformed into hot water bottle covers, table centrepieces, and scented diffusers. Creativity can often be a spur-of-the-moment thing; you feel like making something, or a window of time has suddenly opened up (the baby is sleeping or that Zoom call is cancelled!). Having to run to the shop for special equipment can dampen the mood.

There are at least six projects for each month of the year that will give you ideas for celebrations, crafts, self care, activities to do with kids, ways to decorate your home and seasonal recipes, all of which are guided by the Irish calendar year, from St Brigid’s crosses in February to Yule Logs in December. These activities are about making the most of what we’ve got, providing inspiration for fun and creativity off screen, slowing down and making the everyday moments special. As we’ve all discovered it’s more important than ever to celebrate the small things.

Thanks so much to everyone that’s supported The Homemade Year, I’m delighted with the response it’s gotten so far and love hearing what readers are enjoying from the book! It’s also been really great to meet books sellers around the country and I’ve signed copies in so many so keep an eye out in the crafts and cooking sections! x

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