Pop Up Supper at The Science Gallery

Last April I curated a pop up supper in Dublin’s fantastic Science Gallery. It’s a brilliant resource to have in our capital and I definitely recommend visiting the gallery, such an inspiring space and all the staff are so enthusiastic and friendly. I chose Superfoods as my theme for the pop up and there were salads scattered with ruby red pomegranate seeds and sprouted seeds things as far as the eye could see. And of course antioxidant rich chocolate cake for dessert! Thanks to the lovely Shaun O’Boyle for being a brilliant host and giving me these great photos! Hack the city is the current exhibition at the Science Gallery and it sounds amazing, read all about it here

Thanks to everyone at the Science Gallery for such a great night and to Clare Anne O’Keefe who popped in on her way home from work and ended up lending a hand. I used to work with Clare Ann yeaaaars ago and it was great to see her in ‘real life’ again after seeing her cooking such gorgeous food on Irish Masterchef last year. 
Lilly x

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