Makeover Time!

Did you notice? I made a new banner thing! Hurray! Do you like it? (I’m highly praise driven, a classic Leo.) I wanted it to reflect what this blog is about so I knew I couldn’t just write it out. It’s all about me making and baking stuff and sharing the photos, ideas and recipes with you cool dudes.

Writing stuff out in 100’s and 1000’s always sounds like a good idea but in reality it’s pretty tricky. If you ever do this here’s a top tip: use a pair of tweezers.

But writing stuff in tea leaves in harder. I know this now. Don’t ever promise someone that you will write them a letter using only tealeaves. Even if you’re trying to impress them.

The cake in the photo is chester cake and I made a huge slab of it! Gorgeous! I’ll post the recipe here next.
Lilly x

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