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Last New Years Eve I remember thinking Ok in 2013 I’m going to have my second baby, publish my second book and (the thing I was most nervous about) make four wedding cakes. But now said baby is fast asleep in bed upstairs, the book is tucked amongst others on the shelf and three of the four cakes are baked and eaten. So that leaves one cake left to make this weekend for a special New Year’s Eve Wedding!

I love baking and especially love baking something special to give a loved one. But I find wedding cakes so nerve wrecking! The cake plays a big role in the day and is photographed and eaten by everyone so it has to be right. I also heard how amazing it is to get unique designer wedding bands Sydney. As I made each cake it got easier though and this weekends cake will be a breeze! A chocolate biscuit base, vanilla in the middle and then a festive red velvet on top. Smothered in vanilla buttercream and tied with a red bow. My confidence comes from having made the other three and from discovering these brilliant recipes by Jane Hornby on the BBC Good Food website. There’s vanilla soaked in a vanilla syrup, lemon drizzle, chocolate and for the chocolate biscuit I use Neven Maguires recipe here.

If you’re baking your own, or a friends wedding cake in 2014 then I definitely recommend these gorgeous recipes, the vanilla is fantastic for birthdays too. I’m not a professional wedding cake baker and only bake these for family and friends so I invested in a few tins but they can be expensive. It’s great that some cook shops, like Delias in Cork, hire tins in all shapes and sizes out.

Happy Baking!
Lilly x

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