Have your raw cake and eat it!

I’ve been working on a really exciting project and now am finally launching it this weekend. It’s simply called Lilly’s Cakes.

Raw vegan cakes that are sugar and wheat free. How can it be?! Such magical words and such delicious cakes! Coconut oil is my new butter. Dates are my new sugar and flours have been replaced with nuts and seeds. I’ve been making cakes and various sweet treats for my two little boys for a while now and came across a raw carrot cake recipe that I just kept making and they just kept demanding. I soon began to experiment myself with the whole raw ‘baking’ technique and now this weekend will be launching them at the Alternative Bread Company stall in The English Market, Cork.

DSC_0253Family and friends have been my willing guinea pigs for the past few months and are complete converts. One sister even claims that her hair has become shinier and thicker due to her love of the Hemp and Hazelnut brownies! Her hair does look quite amazing lately… So if you’re in Cork on Saturday come along and taste some, I’ll be there from 10:30 on giving out samples. They will be for sale at the ABC bread stall from now on. Hurray!

So without further ado let me introduce you:

Hemp and Hazelnut Brownie

Protein rich hemp laced brownie with oats, cacao and cashew nuts, studded with crunchy hazelnut pieces

Coconut, Chia and Cacao (nut free)

Coconut, Chia, Linseed and Sunflower seeds topped with cacao ganache and coconut flakes

Toffee, Sea salt & Cacao

Creamy cashew and date toffee, studded with crunchy buckwheat groats, topped with rich cacao ganache and sprinkled with Irish Atlantic sea salt .

Lemon and Poppy Seed

Almonds, coconut and lemon topped with a creamy coconut and orange blossom honey icing and a sprinkling of organic poppy seeds


If you get to taste some then let me know what you think! Feedback over the past while has been so useful. I’ve learned that lemon cake lovers need more lemon than you can believe and sugar fiends find what they need in the toffee square!

Have a lovely weekend!

Lilly x

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