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In October when I took part in Bakefest in Galway I met the lovely Maeve and Elaine. They’re the editors of a recently published cookbook, Eat West 2013. It’s a collection of signature recipes from producers and restaurants in the west of Ireland and all profits from the book go directly to the ISPCC.  Their ethos is quality, local, seasonal ingredients with contributors spanning from small producers in the Galway Market to Michelin starred Aniar. For me it’s a little gem of a book. I love getting a collection of recipes from different sources, particularly producers. They always seem to do amazing things with their produce as they are so used to working with it day in day out. There’s a gorgeous recipe for Cucumber pickle from The Gourmet Offensive that I’m definitely going to try. He leaves it to mature for a month at least with sprigs of tarragon and bay tucked in amongst the cucumbers. Spices such as cloves, caraway and cardamom are also used, I just have to try it!

Gourmet Offensive

Another recipe that stood out for me is the crab dish from Kai that uses apple, chilli and crab. Jessica Murphy’s distinctive style of cooking is perfectly captured in this one beautiful recipe. I’ve been looking for savoury recipes that use raw apple and think this would make a perfect starter for Christmas lunch.

It’s always great this time of year to come across a recipe for edible gifts and here is the perfect one with a twist; Goat milk fudge. The recipe was submitted by the Eat West team and looks amazing! They say the fudge is richer, smoother and creamier than any other fudge. I’m going to have to do a taste test!

This lovely little book is full of beautiful photos, inspiring recipes and all it’s profits go to the ISPCC. At €10 it’s a real bargain and makes a great gift.

Eat West 2013 is available to buy online at They have a list of retail partners on the website too.

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