We have a title! It’s MakeBakeLove!

Thanks so much to everyone for all of the brilliant book title suggestions! I never really considered calling the book after the blog but ye all thought of it. Go Team! So since the blog is called ‘Stuff I make, bake and Love’ the book will be called the shorter version ‘Make.Bake.Love’. You make it, you bake it, you love it. I think it’s a grower. 100 sweet baking recipes and jam packed with photos.
I’m just at the ‘typing up and checking everything twice over and over’ stage so here are some photos I won’t be putting in the book. Bo loves to help when I’m taking photos. She’s lurking in the background of every shot, she knows not to go near me when I have the camera in my hand!
Thanks a million to my talented beautician sister Rosie (above)  for using make up artistry magic and to my Colm for taking the photos of me for the book. Blogging can be a solitary and very personal hobby and it can sometimes appear like it’s not part of the ‘real world’ but coming together to make this book has brought it all to life for me. I always write these posts for you to read but now other people will be able to read the book too! So come September we’ll have to share! Thanks for all your support!
Lilly x
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