Seashell Salt & Pepper pinch pots!

Every morning when I’m walking Bo I see loads of gorgeous sea shells along the shore. Last week I was late for work because I was combing the beach for the perfect scallop shell. Why? Because I had an idea for a craft that I wanted to do and couldn’t rest till I’d done it! So finally here she is: The Seashell Salt & Pepper pinch pots. Catchy no?
Alls you need is some pretty shells,some gold paint and some rocks. I used a pair of matching mussells and a scallop shell. Collect some interesting shaped rocks with a flat base. You should be able to ‘sit’ your shells nicely onto the rocks. Paint the rocks gold or silver. Navy blue would be nice too. Nautical but nice.

Painting rocks gold is so relaxing. I could sit in the sun painting rocks gold all day long! Once dry you can position the shells the way you like and glue them in place using super glue.
Put salt in one. Pepper in the other. Sea salt just feels right served in a shell! Perfect for a seafood supper. Or for eating outdoors. I also made one using a scallop shell to hold salt. It’s like something a mermaid would have at her table!
Also the plain gold rocks are perfect paper weights. They’ll stop your napkins from flying off your picnic table! And they make a place setting very pretty when combined with the salt & pepper shells.
This is one of my favourite crafts ever. This Christmas everyone is getting these from me. So quick and easy to make. So enjoyable! I love them! These would also be a great craft to make with kids. The scallop shell would happily hold soap or hair clips. Pretty and functional, the last of the summer crafts!
Lilly x
PS. As with all ‘original’ ideas someone has done something similar. Wah! Ah well, Martha Stewart’s minions got to it before me but I prefer my version, huzzah!
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