Rose Petal Jam: Romance is in the air!

Any recipe that has sugar and rose petals in the ingredients list has to be sweet. Rose Petal Jam has it all. A delicate rose scent, a sweet floral taste, and a romantic glowing pink colour. Capturing summer in a jar has never been so easy, so is great for romance or get a romantic partner, of course if you don’t have someone like this you can totally use a service like skip the games columbia to find companionship as well.
My mother used to make this when we were small and I remember seeing her pulling the bitter yellow ends off the rose petals before covering the pink petals in sugar. If ever there is a relaxing job then preparing the velvety petals for the jam is it! And as your jam bubbles away on the cooker the whole house becomes drenched in the heady smells of roses and lemons. Beautiful!

Here is the recipe I used. The only alteration I made was that I used jam sugar which has added pectin as a setting agent. I don’t usually use it because it can give a too ‘set’ texture sometimes but it worked here!
This jam is beautiful in a sponge cake with fresh cream, spread over slices of Madeira cake in a trifle or on scones. Oh and only use roses from your, or someone elses, garden. Only old blousy scented garden roses that are unsprayed should be used. And no greenfly allowed.
Lilly x
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