Painting Pots and Sunshine!

Last weekend I went to The Pavilion Garden Centre near Cork Airport. It was my third time going there. All the plants are gorgeous. There’s an amazing homestore with Cath Kidston and Green Gate stuff. And Burleigh China. Ugh I love it. And to top things off they have a really nice cafe. I must actually get onto them and ask for the recipe for their carrot cake, it’s unbelievable. Really. I think they put pineapple or something in it…

Anyway I got herbs and geraniums and plant pots. 15 plant pots for my art class in The Creativity Club. We had a great time painting them and it was our first time using stencils. That’s a big deal for 4 year olds.

I think maybe there’s nothing cuter than chubby hands painting stuff. So funny. It is really relaxing painting these pots though and even the kids that don’t normally concentrate well when it comes to craft time were totally engrossed in finishing their pots!
I’d totally recommend this project for an hour of outside entertainment on a sunny day!

Lilly x

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