My first Giveaway!

I’m doing my first giveaway! Woohoo! Here are my reasons:

  1. I’ve been writing this blog for nearly 5 months. It’s now a semi-serious relationship.
  2. The weather is absolutely gorgeous.
  3. Me and my sister Maeve did our interview with the lovely Miriam O’Callaghan, you can listen to it here if you want.
  4. I have 64 followers! I can’t choose a favourite, I love ye all equally.
  5. I found a fiver in my jeans after they were washed and it’s still grand.
  6. I made this mermaid.

So all you need to do is leave a comment telling me what your favourite cake is or something like that and then I’ll pick a comment at random and you win this gorgeous maritime beauty and the design sketch of her! What a sweet deal!

In order to leave a comment all you need is an email address. The giveaway is open till Sunday night and then Monday morning she’ll make her way to her new home! Make sure you check back here on Sunday night to see if you win!

She’s not suitable for smallies and is more of an ‘art doll’. She has rosy cheeks and a lovely beaded necklace. Her bikini top is two cockle shells, she favours style over comfort. Her wool hair is long and lovely, I have it done in a side pony tail but do whatever you want with it! She loves plaits.

So that’s it buddies. Mise over at Pretty Far West is doing an important soap giveaway at the moment too! Good Luck!
Lilly x

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