Miss Prim Pram Prum…

I’m after getting my hands on a new camera lens so excuse the ridiculous amount of photos in this post! x

This week when I was making cakes for a little girls 8th Birthday party I knew just what to top them with: crystallised primroses!

Gorgeous delicate petals encased in sugar, sparkling and shimmering on a bed of snowy white. I just had to. The garden is covered with primroses this year. These are so easy and cheap to make, they’re a little time consuming and you have to be gentle but it’s a very relaxing way to spend an hour!

All you need:
Fresh edible flowers: primroses, rose petals, violets, nasturtiums etc.
Mint leaves or other edible leaves
Rose Water
1 egg white
Caster sugar
Food Colouring (optional)
A fine paintbrush


  • I like to whisk a few drops of rosewater in with the eggs white to give it a better consistency and add a gorgeous subtle rose flavour and scent.
  • Colouring the sugar is totally optional but it’s so much fun! Just put some sugar into a food processor, add a drop of colour and whizz! Amazing! Or you can put the sugar in a ziploc bag, add the colour and then shake it to mix.
  • Carefully paint each petal of the flower with the egg white mix. Spoon over the sugar making sure you cover every bit of the flower. Repeat the same with the leaves.
  • Leave to dry on greaseproof paper for 48 hours.

You can keep these in a tin or jar for 6 months or more. I think they’d make a gorgeous Christmas present for the cake maker in your life, a jar full of spring!

Lilly x

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