Chia Seed Protein bombs

My sister Raedi is a personal trainer and founder of Run Like a Girl where she teaches girls how to go from walking to running in no time. She leads groups of happy women running around Phoenix Park and is a picture of health and vitality. So naturally I want whatever she’s got. Shiny hair and lots of energy? Yup. That sounds good to me. But seeing as I live in Cork and she’s based in Dublin I have to do it through distance learning and her first brilliant tip was to make these Protein Bombs from Susan Jane Murray’s blog. I didn’t have all of the ingredients listed so changed around a few and the results are so delicious! I don’t know how these can be good for you but Susan Jane assures us they are. I used Irish company Chia Bia’s ground chia and cranberry mix. They have a blueberry one too and it’s equally tasty and full of chia goodness.I got organic whey protein in my local Health shop. I’ll definitely make these again! 
Lilly x
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