A Star is born

Happy Belated New Year! Two days after my last blog post our gorgeous baby boy Liam came into the world! I was planning on making a gingerbread house but never got around to it as he decided to arrive early. My festive baking plans were sabotaged! Liam is doing really well now and we’re almost in some sort of routine. I feel like I’ve known him forever and he sleeps most peacfully in the kitchen with the oven humming and the mixer whirring!
I’ve been up and down to Dublin doing a series of Baking demos on RTE’s Fourlive programme for the past few weeks. We did four in total: Breads, Scones, Sponge cakes and pastries. They’re all on RTE player now. I also did one just before Christmas on the Peanut Butter Cookies. One of my absolute favourites from Make Bake Love.
I’ve been doing lots of writing including a once a week piece for The Sunday Business Post’s Agenda magazine. I really love that as it involves making a great family meal each week.Next Sunday’s will be a gorgeous roast vegetable and goats cheese tart. It’s great because I spend the week cooking and experimenting with different flavours. It really has become my dream job!
So if you’ve only just come across my blog as a result of Make Bake Love or if you’re a regular around here: Happy New Year and let’s make 2012 an absolutely great year full of gorgeous food!
Lilly x
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