The Silk Purse restaurant, Cork

One of my favourite restaurants in Cork is The Ivory Tower. It’s where we usually go when we want to be dazzled and wooed by someones cooking. I love being able to relax safe in the knowledge that someone talented and creative is making my dinner! There’s no worse feeling than sitting in an uncomfortable ‘dining room’ situation waiting to eat and pay for mediocre food. Most special occasions I’d rather spend the money on gorgeous ingredients and a beautiful wine to enjoy at home rather than pay top dollar for the same old dingdong in a restaurant. A few weeks ago I was telling a friend about a gorgeous meal in The Ivory Tower and how everything was perfect. She said that if I love it there then I will definitely love The Silk Purse, Open since April last year above An Cruibin. So we went there last night and sure enough I loved it.
Oh the food was beautiful.The menu is fairly short but there’s so much going on in each dish that it felt like we ate way more than we did.This is what we got, 2 starters and 2 mains:
  • We were given two little amuse bouches to start, If I can remember it was a very thick smooth veloute style mix of lamb heart, yogurt and spices. And crispy seaweed on top. Lovely.
  • Lambs Liver Sautee, red lentils, chorizo & port: This combination is unreal. Pow. Loved it.
  • Marinated Fresh goat cheese, babaghanoush, local tomatoes, couscous:  It was like a painting, glistening with plump pomegranate seeds. Beautiful. I could have eaten this all day.Very Ottolenghi.
  • Wild Irish Brill, courgettes, summer cabbage, spuds, leek/laver cream: This was beautiful and a really generous portion, I never cooked with laver (a seaweed) before so I love being served up something like this!
  • Roast Venison, Tomato Salad, greens, ovened spuds, red pepper/cayenne emulsion: They have a policy of cooking their meat rare, which is great, the venison was unreal. The sauce had a lovely warmth.
We didn’t have dessert. There is a short wine list with something for everyone. We got a sauvignon blanc called Stables, it was perfect. So all in all a lovely night. If you love creative cooking, great use of local ingredients and a relaxed atmosphere then you too will love The Silk Purse.
The Silk Purse, 1 Union Quay, Cork Tel: 021 4310071
They also have a blog with funny insightful videos showing them in the kitchen etc. quite cute!
Lilly x
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