I’m home!

I was on holidays! That’s where I was. I know you were probably wondering. I was supposed to have a post ready to lock and load and pop up when I was away but then my poor old Grandaddy gone and left us. After 92 brilliant years on earth he decided that July would be a good time to drift off to Valhalla. So blogging took a backseat. I did do a massive wild flower display for him and was tempted for a second to take a photo and show you but then I thought, No.That’d be bad taste. Damn. I also made him a wreath out of toffees. This was all preplanned with him beforehand of course. He had been instructing me how to do the sweet wreath since he was in his 80’s. There was alot of debate involved in what sweets would work best, we settled on his favorite Scots Clan toffees. We had planned how best to construct it. If ever you find yourself in this situation just get an oasis wreath and use toothpicks to ‘pin’ the sweets in their wrappers to the wreath. And hey presto! It was a real celebration of his life though, a whirlwind of baking, tea, snuff and whisky; as all Irish funerals are!

Then I headed off to Bordeaux for the week. There’s nothing like a French warm sea breeze, a plate of oysters and a glass of white wine to make you relax!Unless the thought of shucking slippery oysters makes you gag. I’ll do a post about Bordeaux and the food etc. (Lucky you, I know, ha! You can just scan over the photos if you want.) And then when I got home late friday night I found a small brown box in the shed. Exciting! I had forgotten that I had asked the talented Flora to make me a little stained glass bird!
He was cradled in tissue paper and wrapped so carefully, with some lovely postcards and stickers of more glass creations. I could pick any colours I wanted and I just had to get one. Isn’t it so beautiful? I love stained glass but didn’t want the usual ‘skeletal fairy with butterfly wings perched on a toadstool cradling an injured bee’ type stained glass. Floras pieces are just goooorrrrgeous and you can see them on her blog or in her folksy shop. I really can’t stop looking at the bird, so cute! Thanks so much Flora, you really are a gem.
Lilly x
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