Flowery Ice Cubes to make your day!

I know now that there are much more important things going on in the world but every now and again it’s great to just immerse yourself in a seemingly¬†trivial project like…. Floral Icecubes! Yes! It’s barbeque and afternoon tea party season. Jugs of lemonade are made even more gorgeous with some citrus slices suspended in ice. Pitchers of Elderflower cordial are unbearablely cute with little borage ice cubes. The possibilities are endless! I’ve looked on the internet at lots of different variables so don’t worry; You don’t have to now!

Here are my top tips for perfect party ice cubes:
  • You don’t need to be a square: That’s right! Use any flexible moulds to make your ice cubes. Silicone trays are perfect, you can get all shapes and sizes. Mini muffins aswell as star, flower and flamingo shapes! Just remember that water expands when freezing so don’t use your good glasses or bowls.
  • Boil it down: By boiling the water first you are guaranteed a crystal clear cube and no cloudiness so your flowers can be centre stage.(I didn’t boil the water for the ice cubes in the photo because I wanted to show you how they can go wrong. Ahem.)
  • The bigger the ice the slower it melts. If your planning a six hour soiree then maybe make bigger icecubes so that they’ll melt slower. And only add your ice cubes at the last minute.
  • Flowers that work: borage, primroses, feverfew daisies, pansies, violets, lavender, carnation, dandelion, cornflower, hibiscus, honeysuckle (berries are poisonous), nasturtium, roses, scented geranium, chamomile, elderflower.
  • Herbs that work: Mint, Lemon verbena, Thyme, Rosemary, Marjoram etc.
  • Herb Cubes: If you have excess parsley, coriander or other fresh herbs in your garden then you can finely chop them and pack into an ice cube tray, half filling up with water. Once frozen top up with more water. When they’re fully frozen simply transfer to a freezer bag and add to your stews, curries and soups during the winter to remind you of the sunny summer!

Now all we must do is cross our fingers and hope for more sunshine!
Lilly x

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