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My eldest sister Ettie (above) works for UNICEF, she’s amazing. She lets on that she’s like Maggie Thatcher and only needs three hours sleep every night but I know that secretly shes like me and she needs nine hours. Anyway at the moment she’s over sorting out Somalia, making sure babies are gaining weight and vaccinated and safe. We’re over here with electricity and broadband feeling a bit guilty. Ettie was based in Chad & CAR last year and my mother (we’ll call her Mrs.H ala Hart to Hart) started knitting baby hats and before long she and her friends had hundreds of gorgeous hand knit hats to keep mosquitoes and cold from the babies at night. Sometimes I’m amazed at how generous and kind other people are. This week Mrs.H received these from one of her friends knitting groups in England:

Aren’t they unbelievable? Loads of lovingly crocheted blankets for the orphans and babies in Somalia. The difference these will make is unimaginable. For alot of babies one of these hats or blankets will be their only possession.
The mothers can easily unpick the stitches and mend the blankets themselves. They are all crocheted so they’re really stretchy too and can be used to tie babies onto mamas back and as slings. I’ll post photos of the babies with their blankets as soon as they get them.

Such a generous way to use their incredible crafting talent, Thank you so much!

Have a good week everyone!
Lilly x

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