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Chia Seed Protein bombs

My sister Raedi is a personal trainer and founder of Run Like a Girl where she teaches girls how to go from walking to running in no time. She leads groups of happy women running around Phoenix Park and is a … Continue reading

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Quick Pumpkin Soup

I love soup weather. When it’s freezing outside and gets dark at five in the afternoon then there’s nothing better than a mug of soup just before dinner. I love having soup while I’m waiting for dinner to cook. It’s like … Continue reading

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We have a title! It’s MakeBakeLove!

Thanks so much to everyone for all of the brilliant book title suggestions! I never really considered calling the book after the blog but ye all thought of it. Go Team! So since the blog is called ‘Stuff I make, … Continue reading

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Loaves & Fishes Supper Club

So… we’re starting a Supper Club! Huzzah! Loaves and Fishes will be a once a month event where you can come to a home in Dublin, sit back and relax safe in the knowledge that some gorgeous food is about … Continue reading

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Damson Cheese ; The King of Preserves!

I’m actually still in Italy so don’t have Hugh Fearnley Whittingstalls book with me to get this recipe but as I was googling Damson Cheese I came across this brilliant blog , Mudpies & Minestrone, and have just spent the … Continue reading

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Seashell Salt & Pepper pinch pots!

Every morning when I’m walking Bo I see loads of gorgeous sea shells along the shore. Last week I was late for work because I was combing the beach for the perfect scallop shell. Why? Because I had an idea … Continue reading

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Wild Flower arranging is where it’s at…

So last year I never planted any flowers and then I couldn’t believe it when no flowers grew. This year I knew better so I scattered wild flower seeds like there was no tomorrow and now: Badabing! Flowers everywhere for … Continue reading

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Organising my magazine stash!

I seem to never be able to throw out a magazine. Probably because on Page 85 there is a small photo of curtains that I like, or a recipe, or an interview with an inspiring woman who has perfected the work/life balance and … Continue reading

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Cute Book Cover / Dust Jacket tutorial!

So last night I fell asleep thinking ‘I must read more…’ and then I dreamt that I made this! So then when I woke up I had to make this cute book cover. The main idea is that it’s like … Continue reading

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Rose Petal Jam: Romance is in the air!

Any recipe that has sugar and rose petals in the ingredients list has to be sweet. Rose Petal Jam has it all. A delicate rose scent, a sweet floral taste, and a romantic glowing pink colour. Capturing summer in a … Continue reading

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