Tuscany and steak for breakfast!

Recently we went to an amazing wedding in Greve, a small town in Tuscany, about 20km from Florence. After the wedding, incredible meal, singsong and 5am walk home in the pitch dark through a vineyard in flipflops where at one stage I slid down a ravine of some sort we awoke to find that the main square in the town had been transformed with tables and benches and a huge barbeque area. It was the Meat Festival. Praise the lord. Huge men cut massive t-bone steaks and a real Italian mama manned the grill. It was the best breakfast ever.

The town of Greve is tiny but had an incredible shop and butchers that sold all sorts of preserved meats and wild boar products. The ceiling was covered in hams and the smell was amazing! In the cool dark basement all of the cheeses were sitting patiently as if waiting for something exciting  to happen. I’m sure I gave them a good laugh when I banged my head on the stone door frame, the stairs were so damn low.

When we came home I realised there was absolutely nothing in the fridge. And that’s when the gorgeous wild boar finnochiono really came into it’s own! So I made some potato & herb soup and fried up some fennel seeds and some slices of the beautiful fennelly wild boar and it was absolutely lovely. I just love bringing food home from holidays!

Lilly x

P.S See the gorgeous plate in the photo below? In this post way back in August Sami from Teasemade left a comment suggesting that I’d love this plate and then my darling boy saw the comment and got me the plate! Yessssss! I couldn’t believe it either, it’s like somehow the internet came out of the computer and effected my real life! Thanks Sami! And Colm too of course!X

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