Pride Cakes

Pride Cakes. I bet you were expecting photos of a gathering of lion themed cakes? Nope. Instead it’s Pride Cakes to celebrate the start of The Dublin Pride Festival which starts on 19th June. The Cork Pride parade was on last June the 5th and was a beautiful bright and happy family day out with gorgeous weather. The theme for this years parade is family. I heard Oisin from Dublin Pride doing a great interview on Newstalk last week and I instantly thought: I must make some sort of cakes!

This recipe involved a basic cupcake mixture and 6 teacups. I divided the mix between the 6 cups and added food dye to each mix. Then I layered about a half teaspoon of each coloured cake mix into each case. Et voila!

I think white icing is perfect for these. We’re after developing a bit of an addiction to cream cheese icing in our house. All I’m saying is next time I make these cakes I can’t leave them unattended or they will be swiped from the kitchen table…again.

For more about the planned festival go to Dublin Pride. Have a great week!

Lilly x

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