Hey Pesto!

I know I was only saying a few weeks ago how dated pesto is. And I still think it’s more 90’s than Cindy Crawford but Parsley Pesto? Yeah! Parsley Pesto is gorgeous! I was given a whole load of normal curly parsley and was trying to think of a way to preserve it. So I decided pesto would be the best bet.

Parsley is bursting with iron, vitamins and folic acid. It’s a great anti oxidant and blood purifier, a magical herb! (But not the most magical herb eh? Wiiiiiink.) It’s also one of the easiest herbs to grow so you could be making a load of Parsley Pesto before you know it!

This recipe just involves assembling everything really, it only takes a few minutes.


3oz curly parsley
3-4 garlic cloves
3oz Parmesan grated
3oz pine kernels (lightly toasted)
8 fl oz olive oil
Salt & black pepper

Makes 3 small jars


Put the parsley, garlic, pine kernels and parmesan into a food processor and whizz for a few seconds. I decided to keep my fairly chunky as I didn’t want a paste. Add the oil, salt & pepper. Taste it to make sure it’s garlicky enough etc. Pour into sterilized jars and cover the top with olive oil, seal and keep in the fridge.
This should easily keep for 2 weeks but just make sure there is an even layer of oil covering the top at all times.
So far I’ve had this in sandwiches, stirred into soup, added to tzatziki, thinned down with more oil for a quick salad dressing and served with roast vegetables. All in two days! A great versatile pesto to have without the dominant heady sweetness of basil. Enjoy!
Lilly x
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