Our Wedding Day!


Are you ready to finally see photos from our wedding?! I know. I’ve become one of those people that says ‘Pop in for a cup of tea!’ then presents you with four huge albums weighed down with photos of the food, the flowers, the children, and even the family dog got her photo taken on the day. The amazingly talented Brid O’Donovan took our photos way back in August and I’m finally sharing some here on the website. The time has just flown and it’s been such a busy year, but a truly fantastic year. There are so many people I need to thank and acknowledge. For me the food was the most important element. I knew Eunice Power would do an incredible job creating a Middle Eastern Feast for us! She’s so talented and I can’t recommend her and her amazing team enough. Our stunning flowers were from Hanako and we celebrated it all at Cuskinny Court in Cobh. It was the perfect relaxed location for us. Caitriona and Eric are brilliant and basically let myself and Colm take over the house and do what we wanted. There was even a room for the kids to just relax and play. We put up so many handmade decorations with apples and vegetables everywhere and they decorated the place beautifully too, we really felt at home there on the day. So an amazing crack team all came together for a really relaxed and joyous day. Thanks to everyone involved for so much work, we will never forget it!

Lilly x

Photography: Brid O’Donovan. We didn’t even see her for the whole day yet she captured everything beautifully. How?! And we had the photos quicker than you can say “Honeymoons over guys!” Thank you Brid!x

Flowers: Hanako. I gave her such a vague description of what I wanted and she just knew exactly what to do

Food: Eunice Power. There is nothing Eunice and her team didn’t think of. They are fantastic and I’ll get Eunice to do all my weddings. Wiiiiiiink!

Cheese: On the Pigs Back (Assembled by Eunice)

Hair: Debbie at DKH in Cobh. I do love Debbie and she is the best.

Make Up: Rosie Higgins. My little sister is an incredible make up artist! SO handy!

Dress: Phase EIght

Venue: Cuskinny Court, Cobh, Co.Cork. A fantastic private house that can be made into anything!

Music: Alan Carney and Caitriona Anderson from Cookie and the Vaudevilles provided incredible music at the ceremony. Ikarumba from West Cork (who I first saw at Mahon Farmers Market!) played all afternoon at the reception and my amazing cousin Jeffrey Higgins DJ’d that night.

Thanks to my amazing sister Ettie for bringing so many beautiful handmade sweets, zaatar and sumac back from Jordan. It was her entire baggage allowance!

Here’s to a fantastic 2017 and all that it may bring x

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