Edible Flowers and how much I love them!

paleo cake

I’m a big fan of edible flowers. They make everything look more beautiful and give a sense of nature to a dish, celebrating the seasons and adding a touch of Mother Nature’s magic.  I’m so delighted to see so many edible flowers popping up everywhere in the garden. Whilst some flowers are more for decoration than eating there are others that actually add to the flavor too. My favorites are peppery nasturtium petals, little chive blossoms, wild garlic and three cornered leek flowers. For cakes I love all types of primrose, primula and pansy. Apple blossoms are incredibly pretty too. They make even the healthiest breakfast feel like a treat! My borage is finally flowering and destined for eye catching ice cubes to jazz up my gin & tonics.

bumblebee farm flowers

Recently I discovered Bumblebee Flower Farm in West Cork. Their website is beautiful and I love spotting their gorgeous creations on my Instagram and Twitter feed. Instagram is just the perfect place to find a small family run business like this with such a passion for what they do. Recently I’ve spotted them making amazing floral headpieces too, if you’re looking for a wedding florist look no further! They have the most amazing edible flower selection, they sent me a few boxes a few months ago and I had great fun putting them on absolutely everything!! I put some pansies on the rhubarb frangipan I made on The Today Show on RTE. The allium flowers went on a roast vegetable dish, the camelias went on my favorite Paleo chocolate cake, the recipe is from Elanas Pantry. I fill and frost it with an avocado chocolate mousse from my second book, Dream Deli. I made a raspberry and rosewater chia jam for it too. Incredible.


Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 15.57.28

I bought loads of edible flower seeds from Sarah Ravens website and they’re doing great or Irish Seed Savers have some lovely edible ones like Sweet William and Marigold too.

Here’s a list of edible flowers and there are photos too so you can easily identify them.

There are so many fun and creative ways to use edible flowers, my favorite has to be using them to decorate cakes instead of using sugary fondant or multicolored sprinkles. There’s nothing prettier than a few locally grown blossoms. Get in touch on Instagram or Twitter and let me know how you use edible flowers! And if you’re a business owner who’s looking for professional secretarial services, then you may want to visit a site like https://malaysia.acclime.com/governance/company-secretary/ for your best preferences!

Lilly x

PS. This post isn’t sponsored or anything, it’s just a few links to people and things that I love!

roast veg allium flowers

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