Beetroot, Orange and Radish Salad with feta & fennel


3 oranges

3 small beetroot

25ml red wine vinegar

75ml olive oil

1/2 tsp honey

Sea Salt & black pepper

2 handfuls of leaves, baby spinach, rocket and lettuce work well

4 fennel fronds or flat leaf parsley

6-8 radish, thinly sliced

100g feta cheese





Cut the base and top off each orange so that it sits comfortably on the chopping board. Using a sharp knife remove the skin and white pith in strips. Try not to waste any of the orange. Once the oranges are peeled slice them into rounds and set aside.

Remove any leaves and stems from the beetroot. Wash and scrub well to remove any excess soil. Ideally use a mandoline or carefully use a sharp knife to slice the beetroot into rounds as thin as possible. Set aside.

Mix the vinegar, oil and honey together, season with salt and pepper. Pour this dressing over the beetroot slices.

Arrange the leaves on a wide platter or plate along with some of the fennel or parsley. Arrange the beetroot and orange slices on top. Add the radish slices amongst the layers. Finish with a drizzle of leftover dressing and crumble the feta over. Scatter some remaining fennel fronds or fennel flowers if available. Serve immediately.