Quilty Pleasure…

I seem to have taken a million photos for one post again! I’m so visual. I know. So I’ll keep the chitchat to a minimum and we’ll get straight down to it.
I had a load of scrap fabric. I know a 5 year old that really really wanted a quilt set for her wrecked old pram that she loves. Perfect!

Cut your fabric into squares and lay it out in the pattern you want.

Start sewing the horizontal sides together. Make sure you iron all the seams like this:

I did no measuring for this so that’s why it’s a bit wonky! But that’s ok. Adds character no? ; )

Once you have all of the panels sewn together and the seams ironed you can sew on a large rectangle of fabric onto the back. Do this with the right side of the fabric facing each other then turn it inside out and iron again.

I also made a little pillow. The exact same way as I made the quilt but I added a bit of ruching.

Ruching is so 1980’s. I had it done before I even realised. I think subconsciously I was making the quilt set I dreamt of as a child. That’s a whole other post though!

They do look so cute together.

I didn’t put any padding into this quilt. So there’s no warmth in it but sure she can layer it over another blanket. And I was assured that rabbits don’t feel the cold that much in Summer. I’m planning a Winter set already!
Lilly x

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14 Responses to Quilty Pleasure…

  1. Amanda says:

    Her little bunny is smiling now – how cute, and how clever you are! I love the visuals – you can never have too many. xx

  2. Ma Larkin says:

    Love the quilt but also love the pram. And the red curls are beautiful too.

  3. mise says:

    This is captivating, especially that last photo. The little quilt is beautiful, and a perfectly sized project to not be too daunting. It’d be good to know what you did with the rest of those pretty fabrics. I particularly love the pink floral print on ivory.

  4. ah its just dotey! i think my passion for sewing started with my primary school teacher getting me to turn the handle of the sewing machine (in the olden days) while she made a patchwork quilt for herself. (i love it that teachers cunningly get to do their chores while supposedly teaching!). have ever since been in love with patchwork too. lilly we really need to meet and talk deliriously about all things make and bake! in the meantime, i’m off to do some patchwork while my croissants are in the oven! xx

  5. jaboopee says:

    that looks like the happiest rabbit i’ve ever seen in my whole life and who’d blame him with that gorgeous quilt and a little girl who seems like the sweetest , kindest , cutest little mammy to a rabbit that ever lived .

  6. Susan D says:

    I love this! I used to have a pram exactly like that but with a blue enamel base. It was a hand-me-down and the canvas hood was torn for years until one day, when I was away to visit my cousins, my mum repaired it and made a new quilt for my doll also! Thanks for bringing back a wonderful memory!

  7. Amanda & Ma Larkin: Thanks! I’m delighted ye like it.x
    Mise: The ivory & cream fabric is from Laura Ashley. I got a load of it recently in their remnants basket, bargain!
    Sharon: You’re so cute! I know, I think you might be my long lost sister! Especially since you posted about poached plums and I was only talking about them the other day!
    Jaboopee: She’s a very good little mammy in fairness. Is’nt it funny the way ‘inanimate objects’ like the bunny totally come to life?!
    Susan: I bet your pram was the same make! I can’t remember the brand name but it was made in Galway. Thats so lovely that your mum repaired it for you. Whenever I have kids I hope I’ll take the time to do stuff like that! Maybe I’ll be making them Nintendo DS cosies x

  8. Leah says:

    Seriously! That is so pretty! Wow the talent that you have!

  9. Pippablue says:

    Adorable! Love the “vintage” pram.

  10. Felicity says:

    Hi! Thanks for the comment on my blog. I Think about making it bilingual but it takes time. the quilt is lovely:) The rabbit must be very happy:)

  11. Anonymous says:

    Hi Lilly,
    I’m a chef on a yacht and we are in the middle of the Atlantic ocean munching on your hazelnut and chocolate cookies. Really tasty.
    Thanks, Aideen

  12. Hi Aideen! That’s cool,I hope ye have lovely weather and a smooth sailing! My sister Daisy is a sailing instructor and can tell her star board from her anchor but I don’t have a clue! Thanks for commenting! x

  13. Sweet Freak says:

    Tres talented, that’s for sure… you’re even good with the puns! (Love “quilty pleasure”) 🙂

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