Now for some painting…

I go through different phases. First I’m obsessed with cooking and baking and I can’t stop thinking about my next meal! I spent about two weeks just baking bread. Next I’m glued to the sewing machine or sitting on the couch crocheting totally unaware that it’s half six and I still haven’t had dinner.

Or else I’m drawing and painting, usually if I’m in an arty mood then I can hardly sleep, I just keep thinking of different ideas for paintings. I never really thought about this until I had an exhibition a few years ago and had about 15 massive paintings hanging on the gallery wall for all to see. All of them so colourful, usually featuring a wide eyed girl or cute woodland creature. Then a man in his 50’s came in and said that he had never seen someone (an adult) so bravely expressing themselves. Then I thought ‘Oh shit!’ and didn’t paint for months! It’s like when someone is singing along to the radio and you compliment them on their harmonising abilities and then they refuse to sing again.

This painting takes pride of place in the hall above the fold up chairs and drinks cupboard. She was my favourite one so I couldn’t sell her. She spends all day looking out the window and guarding my precious wine.

I’ve been thinking of painting the drinks cupboard but I just can’t decide. Maybe when I’m going through my next furniture makeover phase!

Have a great weekend!

Lilly x

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  1. jaboopee says:

    She’s amazing…you really are a very talented creative versatile and funny ( funny good like ) person…It’s amazing how much you read into that man’s statement ….as shakespear said to me once … ‘nothing is either good or bad but thinking makes it so “

  2. Oh, dear Lilly..! You are incredible – so talented on so many different areas..! But I hesitate to say anything else for fear that you will close shop and leave the blog world altogether!

    Seriously, though – I love this painting. And I love the placement of it – you are so funny and clever, not only a gifted artist. 🙂 And I love the tattoo detail. Maybe some day I will travel to Ireland, and by then you will have picked up the title of tattoo artist as well, and you can add to the little swallow I have on my ankle…


    ps: Sedaris is hilarious, indeed. I love him. I think I secretly wish to be adopted into his dysfunctional family because, quirks and all, they seem to really love one another. And find much-needed humor in it all…

  3. mise says:

    Goodness me, painting too. Can I buy shares in you? And the man in his 50’s was right: your painting is a wonderful, fully-fledged unapologetic creation. When I look at it, it’s stronger than me. May we see more?

  4. Lily she is beautiful – you are sooo talented. You’ll have to start painting again – was your work ever featured in Livingetc?? I know a friend of mine has been searching for years for a painting she saw in an issue and she has emailed the mag so many times and they can’t trace it…when I saw the image next to your post I thought I had found it… it would be funny if all the while the artist was living in Cork! Seriously I would buy your work…and I know my friend would – 2 sold already – what are you waiting for???

  5. Wow! Thanks so much everyone! These are such lovely comments!I’m blushing.
    Jaboopee: I can’t believe you met Shakepeare, that’s so cool. And a brilliant quote too! So true.
    Maria: You’re so sweet! I’d love a swallow tattoo aswell but I’m not great with needles, you’re very brave!
    Mise: I have loads more! I took photos of them all before they moved on to their new homes. I’ll post more of them, Thanks!
    Allthingsrosie: This wasn’t in any magazine I’m afraid. It’d be cool if it was the same one! I’ll have to get painting again!
    Thanks for all the lovely encouragement! x

  6. ashlina says:

    wow. supercute painting!
    thanks for stopping by my blog.

    hope you have a fabulous weekend…visit again soon! xo

  7. Lilly, Gorgeous painting…I know how you feel, I am forever finding something new to “make.” My kids think I have craft OCD!!
    Great blog!

  8. Lilly…seriously? you can paint now too?!! If i wasn’t yet married I would want to marry you for sure! s x

  9. You’re so funny! Thanks Sharon! x

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