My first Giveaway!

I’m doing my first giveaway! Woohoo! Here are my reasons:

  1. I’ve been writing this blog for nearly 5 months. It’s now a semi-serious relationship.
  2. The weather is absolutely gorgeous.
  3. Me and my sister Maeve did our interview with the lovely Miriam O’Callaghan, you can listen to it here if you want.
  4. I have 64 followers! I can’t choose a favourite, I love ye all equally.
  5. I found a fiver in my jeans after they were washed and it’s still grand.
  6. I made this mermaid.

So all you need to do is leave a comment telling me what your favourite cake is or something like that and then I’ll pick a comment at random and you win this gorgeous maritime beauty and the design sketch of her! What a sweet deal!

In order to leave a comment all you need is an email address. The giveaway is open till Sunday night and then Monday morning she’ll make her way to her new home! Make sure you check back here on Sunday night to see if you win!

She’s not suitable for smallies and is more of an ‘art doll’. She has rosy cheeks and a lovely beaded necklace. Her bikini top is two cockle shells, she favours style over comfort. Her wool hair is long and lovely, I have it done in a side pony tail but do whatever you want with it! She loves plaits.

So that’s it buddies. Mise over at Pretty Far West is doing an important soap giveaway at the moment too! Good Luck!
Lilly x

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20 Responses to My first Giveaway!

  1. Catherine says:

    Hi Lilly – what a gorgeous mermaid! You really captured her enigmatic smile – a bit Mona-Lisa-ish! My favourite cake? Hmmm, that’s easy – Lemon Meringue Pie – home-made lemon custard is a must – recipe on my blog – and one slice is rich enough to satisfy so no risk of overindulgence! I think I blogged the recipe – if I didn’t I will now that I’ve been inspired to think of it.
    Looking forward to listening to the interview – what a nice thing to have done, she’s a lovely lady, haven’t ever met her but hubby did and is smitten (at a global hunger conference for Concern’s 40th birthday in 2008).
    You’re very multi-taskingly multi-talented.
    all the best, Catherine.

  2. Maeve says:

    She’s a stunner! Does she have a name? She strikes me as an Aquamarina… The interview is very funny, ye have Miriam in stitches in places!

    Now for my favourite cake… My favourite cake to make is a cheesecake… a lemon ricotta with a passionfruit topping. My favourite cake of all time though was one my Aunty Anne made for my 6th birthday, it was a chocolate log cabin, built with chocolate finger logs and little icing sugar birdies, amazing… I must try to recreate it now that I think of it.

  3. mise says:

    My favourite cake is angel cake made in a ring tin, as made by my mother. There, I’m in for the wonderful mermaid!

    I’m just listening to you and Maeve as I type – you’re both ever so engaging and articulate. The notion of a childhood so happy that you’d best not tell people about it is pretty much mine as well. Hold on, you’ve reached Zimbabwe; I have to concentrate. And thanks for the kind link!

  4. Aden Meyler says:

    She sells sea shells, doesn’t she? Little mermaid is very sweet.

    My favourite cake….that means so many things. Is it my favourite cake to eat? My favourite cake memory? My favourite cake to bake? My favourite cake disaster? Well, here it goes.

    My favourite cake to eat: White Angel Food Cake with Fresh Strawberries and Whipped Cream.

    My favourite cake memory: My son’s 5th birthday cake was King Tut’s Sarcophagus–so cool!

    I make a mean New York Sour Cream Cheesecake and topped with cherries. Smack!

    My favourite cake disaster: The one I made for my hubby’s birthday that I wrote about on my blog.

  5. Maeve says:

    Just spotted her name is Edna on the design sheet! Cuteness.

  6. milinda says:

    hello Lilly, and of course edna the mermaid.I was only thinking of you today because I had taken your good advice about making a double batch of the cookie dough and keeping it in the freezer.well even though it is not ‘oven weather’ I fancied a Linda McCartney Lasagne (with a salad as a nod to the sun) for dinner and rummaging in the freezer I find the cookie dough!! Said nice things in my head about you and now dinner is two course(that’s proper 2 course not like those places that calla cup of tea or coffee a course!)
    Oh the fanciness of it!!
    enjoy the sun
    Milinda >^.^<

  7. jaboopee says:

    a har , she be a rite beauty , i’d give me rite leg to have her ear , and her ere ( here and hair in case you can’t speak pirate)

    enjoyed the interview, theres a really lovely giddyness about ye ,
    have you seen this womens dolls , ( i love them )

  8. Beetle says:

    Wow, congrats on having completed 5 months of blogging. That’s great! It’s so cheery to read about the good things that have been happening lately. Best of all (for the rest of us, anyway), you made this sweet mermaid dolly. I love her, and if I get to adopt her, I won’t change her hairstyle at all. I think it’s perfect just as is. You are really creative. Thank you so much for sharing your artistic talent with us! I’ll check back on Sunday to see if I won Little Miss Mermaid! PS I’m going to become a blog follower!

  9. Catherine: Your lemon meringue pie looks gorgeous!
    Maeve: That log cabin sounds impressive! I think we all had a standout cake like that when we were small!
    Aden: She does sell sea shells! She has bills to pay.That sour cream cheesecake sounds amazing. I love baked cheesecake!
    Milinda:You just reminded me that I have some cookies in the freezer too, woohoo! I totally agree with it not being oven weather, I’m doing salads too!
    Jaboopee:I knew you were talking Pirate. I studied it at school but switched to German in second year because I thought it would be more useful. I think I saw mimi kirchner do a tutorial before…yup. Here it is:

  10. Beetle: Just saw your comment! I’m delighted you like her! Do check back on sunday and thanks for following!x

  11. somesaycocoa says:

    Such handiwork. Well done. And so appropriate with the sunny beach weather. Now, since it she has some of my favourite color in her hair I am assuming that you made her especially for me. Hmmm, maybe using the logical of a three year old girl will not win be this georgous prize!
    My favourite cake is … chocolate. Not any chocolate but a chocolate fudge cake, all four layers sandwiched together with rich chocolate icing. Yom!

  12. Rebecca M says:

    She’s beautiful Lilly!

    I can’t really eat cake very much because I’m a coeliac and I’m allergic to eggs, so that limits my options a bit. However, I haven’t always been so restricted.

    When I could eat cake, nothing could beat a slice of good old fresh cream chocolate swissrolll. The mix of the flavours of cream and jam, the delicate fluffy sponge that just springs to life as you press it with a fork or a spoon, how it practically melted in your mouth as you bit into it.

    Put a few candles into it, it’s a birthday cake.
    Put an oul christmas tree cake decoration, it’s a Christmas log.
    You could even use a few of them to form some sort of bad taste crucifix shape for Easter.

    So versatile, so simple. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you, the fresh cream chocolate swissroll.

    Om nom nom nom nom

  13. Jill says:

    Ahhh, isn’t she gorgeous! I heard the interview with Miriam on Saturday morning whilst sitting by the canal in Dublin, drinking coffee and watching little ducklings swim by. Very enjoyable it was too!
    My favourite cake is orange cake. The reason being that my long term casual-ish partner (husband) just phoned to say that one of his clients baked him an orange cake and bought him a bottle of wine to thank him for all his help. Yippee – I know what I’m having for dessert now!

  14. Lemon says:

    you’re such a sweetheart for doing a give-away! i’m rather a fan of her hair. p.s. my favourite cake (at the moment) is a good southern Red Velvet (it’s on my mind because i am taking a train trip down to Louisiana)

  15. Babaduck says:

    Hi Lilly – thanks so much for the yummy biscuits you left for us all at the Food Bloggers event… I didn’t share mine with the Hubs!

    My favourite cake is my MIL’s apple & almond cake – I can’t recreate it no matter how hard I try.

    By the way, this lady left a comment on my blog during the week and I reckon you’d love her store (get Maeve to buy it all for you when she goes back to Oz!)

  16. Somesaycocoa: Three year old logic does work for me! Chocolate cake is hard to beat alright!
    Rebecca: I love your crucifix idea! I’ll have to make a coeliac egg free somethin somethin for you here so soon!
    Jill: Thanks for listening to it! I love sitting by the canal too whenever Im on the big smoke. orange cake? You lucky thing. Cakes make such brilliant presents. Sounds lovely and summery!
    Lemon: That’s so weird!I was only telling my sister Rosie all about Red Velvet cake yesterday, I’ll have to make it!
    Babaduck: Thanks a million I was looking on that website for ages! Gorgeous fabric. Nigella has an incredible apple and almond cake, I’ve made it a few times and people always love it! Here:

  17. Anonymous says:

    hi lilly!
    i’ll admit this is my first time reading your blog but i’m hooked already!

    My favourite cake is a baked alaska, it tastes amazing and its so easy to make, in my opinion its an all rounder! 😀

  18. T.J. says:

    To find a fiver in your jeans pocket AFTER they were washed. That is really amazing! Fate must be really smiling on you. I hope I’m as lucky and win this beautiful mermaid. She is absolutely mesmerizing. Oh, and my favorite cake is chocolate (of course)! I’m going to check back to see if I won the lady of the seas.

  19. Lori ann says:

    hi lilly,
    i am over from aden’s, love the little mermaid. please don’t add my name to the giveaway however, since i am new here, it wouldn’t be fair!
    i am glad to have found you, i love your blog, you are SO talented, i am your newest follower!

    good luck to everyone!
    x lori

    (i love chocolate cake with raspberries!)

  20. jing says:

    have i missed the deadline? it’s 3 pm on sunday where i am, in portland oregon. the mermaid is lovely and so are all of your cakes!

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