Loaves & Fishes Supper Club

So… we’re starting a Supper Club! Huzzah! Loaves and Fishes will be a once a month event where you can come to a home in Dublin, sit back and relax safe in the knowledge that some gorgeous food is about to go down. I’ll be sourcing most of the food in Cork’s famous English Market. Everything will be made from scratch with fresh Irish produce.
 So here is what you’ll need to know:
  • If you have any allergies please let me know well in advance. Vegetarians are welcome, allergy wise I will probably be cooking with nuts alot though. 
  • This will be in a home, Not a restaurant. But the food will be homely and gorgeous and the atmosphere more relaxed and social. 
  • I come from a big family so the staff for the night will consist of my sisters & friends. None are waitresses. We’ll do our best but keep this in mind! 
  • We won’t be selling any alcohol so you can bring your own wine, we won’t charge corkage! 
  • I will do a blog post about the menu a few days in advance. 
  • To book your ticket to this event email landfteam@yahoo.ie with your name and mobile number, I will also ring & confirm your place the day before. 40 euro per ticket: a welcome drink & 5 courses.

Our first supper will be on Saturday November 6th in Dublin. Hope to see you there!

Lilly & The Loaves & Fishes team

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10 Responses to Loaves & Fishes Supper Club

  1. Have a family wedding that weekend – but I’ll book for the next one!!! (if I’m allowed!)

  2. Aden Meyler says:

    It sounds very exciting, Lilly. Look forward to joining you sometime. Keep us posted!

  3. mise says:

    Well, I wish I still lived in Dublin. Good luck, Lilly; I’m sure it’ll be a wonderful evening for your first one. I must send along some friends to applaud the cook.

  4. Thanks ladies, I’ll take photos of the food anyway. We’re all really loking forward to it now, booking up fast! x

  5. Count me in for the next one! Will Maeve do a little comedy? I love this idea! Best wishes!! xx

  6. Catherine says:

    Hi Lilly – what a great idea of a supper club – look forward to seeing more about it. Well, I left an award for you over at my blog so I hope you don’t mind and enjoy doing the about me task – if you wish to! Busy of late so slacking off on the blog but still enjoy visiting if not commenting!

  7. Thanks Imen and Catherine!
    Catherine I’m the same, not blogging as much buy v.busy in the real world! x

  8. geradline says:

    was hoping to join you on the night have you any cancellations ? we need to book for three people.Need any art for the walls, as we are up from West Cork exhibiting at the Art fair that weekend?
    Best of luck.

  9. Hi Geraldine, I emailed you back!
    http://www.geraldineosullivan.com: Beautiful seascapes and gorgeous paintings of quince and mackerel

  10. That’s a brilliant idea, Lilly. How about bringing it on tour to Cork?!

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