Hunting Season…

It’s nearly that time of year when it’s ok to have chocolate for breakfast (and it’s not Christmas). Easter is just around the corner, and you know what else that means; Egg Hunt! Woohoo!

If you don’t have an egg hunting basket for the Easter Parade then never fear! This is for you…

First get an A4 piece of card or it can be a square. Divide it into 9 equal pieces using your pencil & ruler. Cut along both of the horizontal lines on either side.

You can also cut a scalloped edge around the top and bottom of the page. Stamp or write ‘Egg Hunt’ or ‘Eggscuse me, I’m hunting’ or something similar.

Just make sure you do all your decorating before you fold it up.

Fold up the sides and staple in to place. Staple on a strip of card or ribbon as the handle. You can also make a Mammy Hen to guard all the eggs.

This is a really handy little basket to know how to make. It’s perfect for giving to people full of cakes, flowers, kittens, biscuits, anything. Or you know sometimes when you want to give someone a pot of jam or something and it looks really miserable on its own? Well fill one of these babies with tissue paper, a posy of flowers from your garden and tuck the jam in there too. Gorgeous!

Lilly x

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