Chicken Soup for the bowl

I’m just home from a hen weekend so I feel it’s appropriate to show you this painting next!

It was my second favourite so I had to sell her really. She now lives in someone elses kitchen, clutching a recipe for chicken soup. And yes, that is glitter glue around the basket. I just love glitter glue… really finishes a piece. Alot of toddlers will agree with me on that.

I felt a bit guilty painting this. It is one of my darker paintings. Did the poor hen really need to see the recipe?
When I’m painting or drawing I have the expression on my face that I want the character I’m drawing to have. So for this I had a confused hen face on and then a hungry gypsy girl face on.

Lilly x

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3 Responses to Chicken Soup for the bowl

  1. jaboopee says:

    another work of genius and i love the collage aspect with the ear ring and recipe and of course the glitter.
    I do think poor little hens look is more ‘absolutely terrified’ than confused…although not having had the pleasure of meeting you, maybe that is what you look like when your confused ?

  2. Jaboopee, Thanks! I actually do look terrified when confused! I hate not knowing what’s going on, like the poor hen. Well observed!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I must say I completely agree with you that whenever I’m drawing or painting something (or somone!) I always have the expression of whatever i’m painting! be it smiling, angry, sad..!

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