A birdhouse for Spring!

Last Saturday in The Creativity Club we did a cute birdhouse mobile for spring. I realised that I’m so taken with the idea that the smallies do something different like printing with inks, sewing and beading that we hardly ever do simple colouring in!

Colouring stuff in was one of my favorite things to do when I was 4 so I drew a simple birdhouse like the one I saw at dltk-holidays.com. You can download the template I drew here.

Start by glueing the paper onto a piece of cardboard. Then get out the crayons or pencils and colour away!

Next cut out the house and the three eggs. Punch a hole in the top of each egg and three holes in the bottom of the house. Thread the eggs onto some wool and attach to the house. Then you can put a loop on the top of the house to hang it up.

The smallies were all calling them cuckoo clocks and they actually do look really like cuckoo clocks! Super Cute!
Lilly x
P.S If anyone knows how to get crayon off of oil cloth do let me know!x
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