‘Make Bake Love’ is out!

The book is now finally out! Yay! It’s incredible to see stacks of MakeBakeLove in bookshops all over the country. Even though it only came out on Friday I’ve already had loads of people baking from it and letting me know what their favourites from the book are. It really is so exciting to be able to share the book with people who have never seen the blog and to see so many people getting back to baking! Massive thanks to all at Gill & MacMillan and to the brilliant Kristin who copy edited the whole book for me. She has her own lovely blogs Edible Ireland and Dinner du Jour and co-founded The Irish Food Bloggers Association. It was an incredible stroke of luck to have such a talented perfectionist on my team!
I was also really lucky that my boyfriend Colm took the photos of me for the book, seeing the photo he took on the cover really makes it for me!
If you can’t make it to a bookshop and want to order online then here’s a list of places where you can get it. I’m told it’s out of stock at the moment on Amazon so these are your best bet!
Also some brilliant news: The book has been shortlisted for Best Irish Published Book Of The Year! I’d love if you took the time to vote for MakeBakeLove here. Thanks a million!
Lilly x
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  1. Congrats Lilly fair play to you!! 🙂

  2. milkycoffey says:

    Just waiting for it in the post! Can’t wait. Congratulations chick. Met lovely editor from Easyfood the other night who was delighted with the cake you sent over last week. xxx Jaki

  3. Thanks Paul!
    Jaki! I must still put up the lovely photo of you from our last supper club! Must do that this week. Hope alls well! xxx

  4. Jane says:

    I really hope your book is eventually published in the U.S. as well, Lilly! Warmest congrats to you. It’s a fabulous accomplishment!

  5. Lorraine says:

    It’s going to be my birthday present from himself in a few weeks! Can’t wait!

  6. Aoife Mc says:

    Brilliant news, Lilly! Hurray! *raises a glass of bubbly*

  7. Not surprised it’s up for the award – it is a FANTASTIC book – I just love it. (particularly the rum and raisin buns!)

  8. Made the Carrot Cake this weekend. Wow brilliant book. Next challenge Duck Egg Sponge. Well done

  9. miss vivien says:

    Congrats lilly, the book looks fab and the picture of you is very cute. I can’t wait to pick up a copy. vivien & mark

  10. Brownievillegirl: the raisins you used sound exceptional! I’ll have to soak mine in rum for two years now in future! : )
    Secondclasspodcasting: I love hearing about people making things from it! The duck egg sponge is gorgeous & so easy, enjoy!
    Great to hear from you Vivien! Hope your own Lily is well too!x

  11. Have voted Lilly (and I got my son to as well!!!) Best of Luck!

  12. Maeve H says:

    Beautiful book, my boyfriend brought it home for me after I made him your hand apple pies from the blog. Raspberry and white chocolate bars were yum, and couldn’t resist the carrot cake either. I’ll be as big as a house at this rate! Congratulations on a brilliant book!

  13. Jan says:

    I ordered 4 copies off the Book Depository for Christmas presents for my mates after being bedazzled by your culinary treats at the Afternoon Tea party. They arrived Friday and now the husband is demanding Bakewell Cupcakes and Citrus Tarts so I’m going to go back and order a copy for our house too. Well done Lilly, it’s quite possibly my favourite cookbook ever. 🙂

    Btw, you won my heart with the Ice Cream Cone cupcakes – they brought me back to birthday parties in the 80s. Congrats!

  14. Anonymous says:

    I won a copy of this book over on beaut.ie, was so delighted! Its beautiful book. I had been lusting after it for ages but because of my massive collection of unused cook books I wasn’t allowed get it. I love cook books and yours is one of the prettiest I own. Beautiful pictures and the paper is lovely (I love the feel and smell of nice paper!).
    Most of my family have put in orders from it including the carrot cake, white chocolate and raspberry bars and the ice cream cakes.
    Love it and will be buying copies for my friends!

  15. Linda says:

    I received your book ‘Make Bake Love’ as a Christmas present from my friend, and I absolutely love it. I’m only a beginner, so I’m starting on the more basic recipes first. My favorites are the vanilla cupcakes with vanilla buttercream frosting, and the lemon and poppy seed cake – so easy to make and really tasty. Can’t wait to try all of your recipes! Well done. PS, love the design of the book and the photography, very pretty.

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