Help me name my book please! x

So my lovelies I have exciting news! Eeek! I know.
I’ve been writing a book. All about Baking. For the past few months there have been four tier black forest gateaus,Banoffee Cake, Coffee Cakes, millions of muffins, tons of tarts and some gorgeous breads rising in the hot press! The whole house smells amazing and hopefully masks the fact that I’ve been neglecting the hoovering! The publishers, Gill & McMillan contacted me about the blog and would I like to do a book etc. so I decided on Baking as being what The Book would be about. But we simply cannot come up with a name! So I’d love if you would let me know what you think. Hopefully from reading the blog you know what the style of the book will be: gorgeous photos, approachable recipes and lots of beautiful baked stuff! Here are the suggestions so far. Please let me know any comments you have and let me know which one you think is best!

1. Baking Power

2. Bake it Easy (Lorriane Pascal kind of beat me to it with her new book ‘Baking made Easy’.Doh!)

3. Bake, Eat, Love

4. Sweet Dreams

5. Flour Power

And if you can think up a completely different name do let me know too,The book will be out in the Autumn so the sooner the better!
Thanks a million!
Lilly x

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27 Responses to Help me name my book please! x

  1. Laura says:

    Beautiful baking – it’s you to a tee!

  2. meabh says:

    Hi Lilly – Love your blog, know its obvious but what about ‘Make.Bake.Love’ kinda sums it up 🙂

  3. sarah-jane says:

    Lilly Bakes
    MAKE BAKE LOVE (the labels at the bottom of your post .. I think it could work!!)

  4. mise says:

    Hurrah, Lilly! I’ll be first on the list to buy it. I think it should have a dignified title – ‘The Lilly Higgins Baking Book’. ‘Make Bake Love’ is good, but perhaps a bit Elizabeth Gilbert? ‘Lilly’s Home Baking’, ‘The Peppy Baker’. Or indeed, from your own text, ‘Rising in the Hot Press’.

  5. Lorraine says:

    Loving “”.

  6. oh wow, that’s great news Lilly, it was only a matter of time ! I like Make, Bake, Love is a lovely title. Good for you !

  7. JD in Sligo says:

    That is so brilliant, Lilly. Fair play to ye and congratulations!

    I agree that while ‘Bake Eat Love’ is a catchy name and I do like it, it still kinda references back to Elizabeth Gilbert’s wonderful ‘Eat Pray Love.’

    I do really like ‘Flour Power’ (even though I first saw that as the title of an article about the spirituality of baking in a ‘Yoga Journal’ magazine a couple of years ago).

    ‘Lilly Bakes’ is good, too. How ’bout ‘Lilly Loves Baking’? but instead of the word ‘Loves,’ have a red heart shape design in its place – i.e., ‘Lilly Heart Baking’ – know what I’m trying to describe?

    Whatever you decide on for the title, it will be a wonderful name for a wonderful new baking book. Again, it’s brilliant news.

  8. pauljkiernan says:

    I run a specialised book-naming consultancy. Here’s what my team came up with earlier this morning.

    1. Dough Place Like Home.

    2. Stiff Peaks.

    3. Knead-to-Dough Basis.

    4. Baking For Fools.

    5. The Ecstasy of Baking.

    6. Dough-Li-Ly.

    Business isn’t great, to be honest.

  9. Louise says:

    Lilly in the kitchen? Baking with Lilly? Your name is a bit unusual and memorable so I think it might work in the title, if you’re comfortable with that. Lilly in the bakery? Lilly in the galley (ok that’s a bit cheesy). I also like Baking Power by the way, L

  10. jaboopee says:

    well done , i think it’ll be a huge hit, your styling and baking is delicious
    I’m with mise on the dignified title, ie it must have your name… lilly higgins ‘fancy vittels’ not an option?
    of all the above i like sweet dreams….
    and now i can’t help myself……

  11. I like Baking Power, with a photo of you flexing your muscles in kind of a funny pose, maybe holding a cupcake in each hand. You are so funny and it would be great to capture your humour either in the book title or in the photo or both.

  12. Maria says:

    I Like Make, Bake, Love, though it sounds like a take on that book “Eat, pray, love” so maybe you don’t want that?!

    “Rising in the Hot Press” is great too! Something that reflects your great / quirky sense of humour.

    Congrats! I’m delighted for you

  13. “She bakes…” that or the name of your blog….90% baking content 5% make and 5% love in little relevant boxes dotted throughout your recipe.

  14. Aoife Mc says:

    What fantastic news! I agree with the other commenters above – MAKE BAKE LOVE.

    Alhtough, maybe it sounds like an homage to Julia Roberts…hmmmmm….no, I still think it works!

    Also like the idea of using your name, “Lilly” is very pretty after all.

    Good luck!

  15. catherine says:

    Congratulations Lilly – such exciting news! I second the Make Bake Love suggestions, although I do also love a good pun, so Flour Power would work well too. Can’t wait to get my hands on a copy.

  16. Tanya says:

    Great news Lilly, it was only matter of time though tbh!

    How about ‘Baking you happy’ as a title. Of the ones suggested I like ‘Eat Bake Love’ best.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Lily Bakes at Home

    Rakes of Cakes, Buns, Scones & More.

    Bake (or make) your own Crumbs!

    Lily Makes Cakes

    Bake with Lily

    Baked not Burnt

    A Slice for Life

    Let us Bake Cake

  18. Rachel Kay says:

    That’s so amazing Lilly! Congratulations!

    Like other commenters, I really like ‘Make.Bake.Love’ as a title!

  19. Skinny Love says:

    Hey Lilly – love the blog. Congrats.
    What about Lilly’s Baked Goods
    Baking from the Heart
    – a solution to all the problems of the soul.

    I think the second one may sound a little corny at the start but the sentiment does catch a little of your personality from your blog.
    Well done again. Fair play.

  20. Simply MAKE BAKE LOVE. Congratulations my dear!! That is fantastic! Can’t wait till it’s out! xx PS. I need to book into another supper club! x

  21. says:

    That’s wonderful news! My christmas presents are sorted for 2011 then 🙂
    like the other commenters I also love Make Bake Love but it is a bit Gilbert-y…

    It’d be great if your name was in there so Lilly’s Baked Goods is nice, or you could make it the first of a series; Lilly Loves…Baking (…Crafting….Making etc)

    Of your suggestions I love Bake it Easy (with Lilly Higgins), seems very welcoming for the novice baker
    Good Luck with it!

  22. Lu says:

    MAke Bake Cake – if you have an objection to using love as the third word – because of some book or other!

    Can’t wait to see it

  23. I really like Bake, Eat, Love – I always think that food has an emotional element to it so love the Love in it 🙂

    Or what about Bake-a-Licious

  24. Kerri says:

    How about ‘Lilly Higgins: Confessions of a Bakeaholic’? If the book is anything like your blog it will have amusing stories with each recipie.

  25. congrats Lilly, very exciting. Like either Bake, Eat, Love or Flour Power or what about Baking up a Storm? whatever you go for am sure it’ll be a success

  26. Catherine says:

    Hi Lilly, how about Stuff Lilly Bakes? That nods to your blog and your lovely name!

    Anyway – I’m an addictive cookery book collector and while I don’t bake or cook a fraction of what’s in ’em I love looking at them. So best of luck.

    I have an award for you over at my blog, so I hope you enjoy doing it – stuff about you so can be as fun or as revealing as you like.

  27. jen says:

    “the Frilly Bakewell” comes to mind,obviously because frilly rhymes with Lily,and clearly you bake very well indeed(not to mention the well established and well-loved bakewell tart implied therein.) but also because when I look at the images on your blog,that’s the phrase that leaps to mind.the sub-heading could be something like “a compendium of confectionary comforts”.i’d see the cover being a cherry red hemp/linen(ie textured textile),with a super glossy/veneered vintage floral china plate slap bang in the middle,with some form of either real or knitted/crocheted baked good,montage-style, sitting atop said plate.ideally,there would be a cat sitting down about to enjoy this delectation but realistically a)how big is the cover going to be? and b) and how big is the budget for cover design going to be?! but that’s my tuppence worth anyway:) can’t wait to see your finished work

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