Massive Colour

I love the feeling of having a day off and I always have brilliant plans for what I’m going to do. I’m usually great for the whole motivated getting things done stuff but it just hasn’t kicked in this weekend. I spent about twenty minutes watching the hens having their breakfast today, then made banana pancake things and then we spent two hours on a very blustery beach with Bo who is now absolutely huge. She’s brilliant.

Here’s a blurry close up. Massive.

Then I did what I’d been meaning to do for ages, I color coded my books. I saw Anna Maria Horner do this a few weeks ago and I thought I have to do that. Although it makes no sense. My cookbooks are all mixed up with my How to build a straw bale house books. I don’t know how I’ll find anything.

All in all a brilliant, relaxing non productive weekend! I hope your Easter break was great too.

Lilly x

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8 Responses to Massive Colour

  1. Oh Bo is just gorgeous and I love your books – that’s a really good idea, I might have to try that!!

    We went to Ardmore yesterday – we were almost blown away – not much comfort but it was fun, we ate our picnic in the car like two seventy year olds!!

  2. mise says:

    Your books look great like that, Lilly! I order my CDs by colour, for a soothing look, and because I don’t like the alphabet (so I’d rather look for an artist under Blue). I used to have coloured arrays of books too but I worried so much about the different heights. You can clearly see what a troubled life I lead.

    Yes, we do tend to post at the same time! I’ll send you a thought-wave next time I’m planning to reroof the henhouse, ok?

  3. Jayne says:

    Bo is lovely! I like the idea of colour-coding my books, they do look pretty on the shelf… but I think it will drive me mad that all the genres would be mixed up. I think what pleases me more is keeping them in alphabetical order via author. I think I actually want my own book-shop. 🙂

  4. jaboopee says:

    Did you agonise over wheter to put the black at the start or the end, ??
    I just wouldn’t have been able to make that decision?
    Well done you.

  5. My Owl Barn says:

    Love your blog! I seems like you had a fun day. Btw, I like how you have organized your books by color.

  6. Ma Larkin says:

    Books look good but might be a bit frustrating if you are in a hurry to find one!
    Wish I could spend 2 hours on a beach you lucky girl.

  7. Oh you’re all so right! This colour coded ‘system’ is driving me crazy. Why did I do it? Because I love everything to look gorgeous. But i’ll have to change it back.
    Allthingsrosie: I love Ardmore! I hope Lia shared the picnic in the car with ye!
    Mise: The varying heights is beginning to irk me too.
    Jayne: I think you have all the signs of being a brilliant book shop owner!
    Jaboopee: I did have black at the start initially! So weird that you would know that!
    My Owl barn: Pleased to meet you! Welcome!
    Claire: I know, easily known I don’t have kids yet! Swanning around for two hours at the beach! x

  8. Rebecca M says:

    What a beautiful dog! She must be such a furry bundle of love 🙂 xx

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