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My eldest sister Ettie (above) works for UNICEF, she’s amazing. She lets on that she’s like Maggie Thatcher and only needs three hours sleep every night but I know that secretly shes like me and she needs nine hours. Anyway at the moment she’s over sorting out Somalia, making sure babies are gaining weight and vaccinated and safe. We’re over here with electricity and broadband feeling a bit guilty. Ettie was based in Chad & CAR last year and my mother (we’ll call her Mrs.H ala Hart to Hart) started knitting baby hats and before long she and her friends had hundreds of gorgeous hand knit hats to keep mosquitoes and cold from the babies at night. Sometimes I’m amazed at how generous and kind other people are. This week Mrs.H received these from one of her friends knitting groups in England:

Aren’t they unbelievable? Loads of lovingly crocheted blankets for the orphans and babies in Somalia. The difference these will make is unimaginable. For alot of babies one of these hats or blankets will be their only possession.
The mothers can easily unpick the stitches and mend the blankets themselves. They are all crocheted so they’re really stretchy too and can be used to tie babies onto mamas back and as slings. I’ll post photos of the babies with their blankets as soon as they get them.

Such a generous way to use their incredible crafting talent, Thank you so much!

Have a good week everyone!
Lilly x

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  1. What a wonderful post, and your sister is an incredible woman to give her time in such a caring and extraordinary way!

    I love the crochet blankets and what a wonderful idea!

    Pleae let me know if I can add to this collection of blankets. I would love to round up some of my knitting/crocheting friends to donate a few more!
    My email is bbrrtt1(at)cox(dot)net
    What a beautiful story!

  2. mise says:

    What a fine bunch of sisters you are, you and Ettie and Daisy. Do you have more sisters hidden away? The blankets are a great idea. Maybe, if Mrs H could do with more to send, you could let us know what is a practical size?

    I also wonder, as a general query, what the worth is of things versus money in this sort of situation. Is it better for crafters to make and send blankets, or to spend the same time making wares to sell in our affluent society and send that money instead? It’s an area I’d like to know a lot more about than I do, as I often feel that any help I give charities is very unfocussed. Your sister would know best.

  3. Beth, Thanks so much, I’ll email you!
    Mise, I think you’re right and I know exactly how you feel. Money is probably better to send. I sponsor a child through ActionAid and the money just comes straight out of my account each month, I know it’s having a direct effect on Warren in Ugandas life!

    But it is great to have someone ‘on the inside’ like Ettie. My brother will be in Nairobi next week and can bring the blankets over with him and meet her half way. If we were sending them with DHL or something it would cost hundreds, so it’s a happy coincidence that he’s going out there. It’s great aswell because Ettie will be able to distribute them herself in the therapeutic feeding centres and local orphanage to the mothers and babies.
    Each time she comes home she goes back with suitcases full of baby clothes and hats etc.
    I emailed Ettie anyway to ask her for an official response!
    I have loads of sisters Mise. Loads. And a brilliant brother. I will introduce them gradually because they are so fabulous it might be overpowering. I don’t think Blogger can take it! x Lilly

  4. Lorna says:

    What an inspiration your sister is esp to live with 3 hours sleep some nights

  5. Mee a Bee says:

    WOW!!! this is amazing. Your family is so talented (how many sisters do you have?).
    The blankets are amazing. I love the way they’ve chosen bright vibrant colours like the ones used in African design.
    We are BIG fans of Unicef here in my family. I really appreciate your sister doing all the hard work while we sit back on broadband reading about it. Jokes aside, it’s great work. Thanks Ettie! and Lilly for sharing. Looking forward to hearing about the other members of the family.
    Jacqui in Japan

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