Amazing things!

I’m not one for late nights but last night I could not stop dancing and before I knew it it was 2.30am. I know. I’m out of control! So this morning we went to The Crawford Gallery Cafe and I woke up over a big plate of pancakes,bacon and maple syrup. Oh life giving maple syrup, how I love thee. Some people choose Bryan Adams or Alanis Morissette but personally speaking I think maple syrup is Canada’s best export.
Anyway when I came home I went up to check on the hens and look what I found:

Ha! A tiny egg! So hilarious. I put it next to a normal hen egg to make it look more dramatic. I don’t know which one laid it. I can’t tell, you know hens, they’re so secretive. They never give the game away.

I don’t know if there’s a yolk in it. I don’t want to break it. I heard that this is usually a hens first ever egg, a tiny one, but our girls have all been laying for ages. So I don’t know but I’m delighted because it was an amazing unexpected thing.
A lady once asked me if roosters are steady layers and I said No, not at all. Infact Roosters don’t ever lay. She was amazed. I love when people don’t know stuff like that. When I was in secondary school one of my friends didn’t know that marmalade is made from oranges. You can’t make that stuff up.

Anyway the other amazing thing that happened lately is that I found a plate that’s a dead ringer for Burleigh’s gorgeous design Polka Dots and Roses, even though its a different make ,Grindley from Stratford in England. Incredible. The Burleigh plate cost me 28 euro, I couldn’t justify buying more than one!

But then I got 8 of the other plates for a euro each in a second hand shop. Ayeee! Winner takes all!

I hope you find lots of little amazing things this week too!
Lilly x

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