A Vintage Homemaker Giveaway!

That’s right buddies. I know how much you all love that 1950’s publication; Homemaker Magazine. For the past week I have been the proud owner of Issues 1-5 and I want to give them to you! I fought tooth and nail to win these babies on E-bay and then when I did get them I didn’t really know what to do with them! It’s all about the hunt.

There are some very good articles like ‘How to choose fabric for making curtains’ and how to wall paper ceilings. The ads are totally sexist and cliched but so was all the advertising in the 1950’s. Lot’s of the kitchen appliance ads have tag lines like ‘Yes! Even YOU can work this kettle’ .

You could use them as props behind your photos, as references or just add to your collection of vintage magazines! I saw a brilliant use of vintage magazines recently over at Red Lemonade.They covered their coffee table with pin-up photos.See? It’s gorgeous.

Anyway all you have to do is leave a comment and then I have a tricksy way of picking one out but I can’t tell you how or it won’t be fun. The prize is the original, vintage Issues 1-5 of Homemaker Magazine. You. are. going. to. love ’em!

Keep in mind that these magas are 51 years old, so they are a bit tatty, and Issue One seems to have lost it’s ‘free’ Colour Schemer. Damn. I’ll announce a winner next Wednesday the 11th August. Good Luck!

Lilly x

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