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Pikelets with Plum Jam

Last night I was scanning the many TV channels and as usual nothing was on but then. THEN. I came across Bill Granger making these adorable pikelets. He is so upbeat, pleasant, sunny and, well, Australian. I always love Australian … Continue reading

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Homemade Christening Cake

I love a challenge! So a few weeks ago when my friend Susan asked me to make her baby Oscar’s christening cake I was delighted. I hadn’t made a proper big celebration cake before so couldn’t wait to get started … Continue reading

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Wake up to Sugarfree Granola

Lately I’ve stopped having porridge in the morning as the weather has been so nice so I decided to make a huge batch of toasty oaty granola. I really wanted a healthy recipe and not something loaded with sugar. I … Continue reading

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We have a title! It’s MakeBakeLove!

Thanks so much to everyone for all of the brilliant book title suggestions! I never really considered calling the book after the blog but ye all thought of it. Go Team! So since the blog is called ‘Stuff I make, … Continue reading

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Drop Scone Tuesday is upon us!

I absolutely love pancakes. A day where you just have to have pancakes is my dream come true. For about six months we had pancakes every Sunday morning with apple sliced or grated into the batter. Like this lovely recipe. … Continue reading

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Mexican Recipes

 The Mexican L&F dinner was lovely! Massive thanks as usual to my brilliant sisters who were decked out like Mexican ladies with flowers in their hair and beautiful mexican dresses. We started the night with Tequila Spritzers. It was basically a … Continue reading

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The L&F Aftermath: alot of Rambling & Recipes!

I have brilliant excuses for being so late in posting recipes from this months Loaves&Fishes Supper! They really are great. After ‘the big clean up’ on Sunday morning we made a massive brunch. Ate loads and then packed up all … Continue reading

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Cheers my Deers! Christmas Cupcakes…

Happy Holidays everyone! Lilly Xxx

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Baking a Christmas Wreath!

So I don’t have any photos of the last Loaves&Fishes supper as we had to cancel because of the ice and snow. Wah! I know. Totally gutted I was.After a long week of cabin fever we were able to leave … Continue reading

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Marbled Milk Tart ( MelkTert )

Milk Tart is a traditional South African dessert that we used to always have at barbeques and get togethers in Zimbabwe when we were small. Someone always brought shortbread and there was always Milk Tart. The traditional tart is a vanilla scented … Continue reading

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