The Winner takes it all!

So we have a winner! I ended up just pulling a name out of a hat (well actually a cake tin) and the winner is none other than the Stained Glass world’s Darling Jaboopee! Hurrah! I’m busy picking loads and loads of blackberries and I hope to be back tomorrow to show you what I made this week! HINT: I had blackberry crumble cake for breakfast this morning!
Lilly x

P.S These photos are from when I made a Cherry Tart. Alas, I can’t find the damn recipe.

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3 Responses to The Winner takes it all!

  1. mise says:

    Drat! I was away and missed the whole show, but no better woman to make good use of her prize than Jaboopee. And your blackberry cake is beautiful with its flower posy.

  2. Sophie says:

    That cherry tarte looks fenomenal & ooh so tasty too!

    Congrats to the winner!

  3. m.e (Cathie) says:

    your blog, pics and creations are wonderful!

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