The best chocolate muffin recipe ever!

Have you ever felt like you’ve been searching for something all your life and then suddenly BOOM! Well get ready because here’s that chocolate muffin recipe you need. I’m not a major fan of chocolate but my goodness these muffins… They are unreal. They are the perfect combination of bitter cocoa, rich chocolate, buttery richness yet feather light thanks to the cornflour. It’s Dan Lepard’s recipe for Chocolate Custard Muffins and it does have a long list of ingredients and a rather unusual method but the results are well worth it. First you make a custard with the cocoa and cornflour then you beat in the chocolate and butter. I really wasn’t convinced that it would work but I trust his recipes and twenty five minutes in the oven later and I’m in love. Best Chocolate Muffin recipe ever.
Dan Lepard’s recipe for Chocolate Custard Muffins can be found here on the Guardian website. It’s also in his book, Short & Sweet, which has just won the Andre Simon Award for food book of the year.
These are the ultimate muffin to have with a glass of cold milk!
Lilly x
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9 Responses to The best chocolate muffin recipe ever!

  1. Wow…ok you’ve sold them to me…who am I to argue with the best Chocolate Muffins ever! I think I might have to make some now!! 🙂

  2. EdelBelle says:

    I will definitely be making these! I got your cookbook for Christmas and I recently made the Banoffee Cake. It turned out beautifully, my family loved it! I put up pictures here

  3. Aoife Mc says:

    High praise! I must definitely give these a go so 🙂

  4. Oh my now they sound and look yummy I will try them out this weekend!


  5. CeeCee says:

    Nom Nom..these look amazing! 🙂

  6. I definitely need to try these!

  7. Lesung Batu says:

    hi lilly..this muffin looks tempting!

  8. designjr says:

    I must try these and so many more of your recipes – your book is also now on my amazon wish list! 🙂

  9. Anonymous says:

    can’t wait to try these, love your book, I’m in NY and my sister brought it for me for Christmas, I’ve made so many of your recipes! love the banoffi cake!

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