Incredible Cauliflower Cake

I try to have at least four vegetarian dinners a week. The inspiring  Plenty book from Ottolenghi is a must have for anyone trying to cut back on meat and eat more vegetables. I never really like cauliflower except for when it’s done like this, pureed and mixed with parmesan. This cake really showcases cauliflower and is lovely the following day too, it’s works really well for packed lunches aswell as for dinner with a green salad.
This is a brilliant recipe to have for the vegetarian in your life that is sick of risotto and quorn etc. It’s such an unusual mixture of ingredients: Nigella seeds, basil, cheese, cauliflower. But it all comes together beautifully somehow!
Lilly x
Here’s the recipe!
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10 Responses to Incredible Cauliflower Cake

  1. Maria says:

    YUM! My boyfriend is veggie, & we were recently talking about eating more cauliflower, he’ll love this!

    “we were recently talking about eating more cauliflower” just realised how odd that sounds!

  2. lilly says:

    Ha!Im the same Maria (re: cauliflower conversation) and thats how I came across the recipe!Hope you make it x

  3. Aoife@myhome says:

    That looks amazing. Will have to get that book. I’m getting a lot of veggie dinner requests. A x

  4. mise says:

    It looks absolutely wonderful to this cauliflower fan – a sort of delightful hybrid of quiche and yorkshire pudding and vegetable patch.

  5. Lily I am just mad about those Ottolenghi books, thanks for recommending them – only got Plenty last week, must give this a go – a lovely alternative to the boring loop of lunchtime salads I have gotten myself into x

  6. Lisa says:

    10 eggs! You really have to commit to that, I hope it’s relatively fool proof.

    I’m going to have a go making it this Sunday for my veggie sister (Emma, you’ve met) and our eldest sister Ailish. They’re going to Take That and will need to be well fed.

  7. it looks amazing, i’ve never heard of cauliflour cake before but it sounds great, definitely a tasty change from quorn!

  8. Michelle says:

    looks scrummy – will have to add that to my ever expanding “must try this” recipe pile :O)
    (I’ve tried to comment a few times on your blog lately but it keeps reverting me to signing in, even though I already am :O( I’m trying commenting as “anonymous” so maybe that will work?

  9. I just joined MsMarmitelovers Supper Club blog today and see you’re on it for Ireland, hopefully I’ll be joining you there in a day or two. I’m doing my 3rd run in Roscommon this Sunday! Would love to come to yours sometime. 🙂
    Great photos looks really interesting! I am not cauliflower’s biggest fan either so would give this a go. Thanks!

  10. Stef says:

    Wow. That looks great. I read the Guardian website pretty much every day but somehow managed to miss this recipe, nice one for the heads up!

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